Tree Removal Safety Guide

Tree removal professionals remove many trees and stumps throughout the year, but they have to take various precautions and measures to protect themselves from fallen limbs and possible injuries. Even then, many still get hurt after taking steps to protect themselves. Tree removal is just a very dangerous job. That’s why homeowners should always hire a professional instead of doing it themselves.
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According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are 200 tree-related fatal injuries on average every year in the United States. In 2012, there were 60 injury-related deaths for tree maintenance, with another 120 fatal injuries in forestry and logging services.1 In 2011, the BLS reported 83 tree maintenance injury-related deaths and 125 forestry and logging fatalities from injuries in the field.2 In 2010, 120 forestry and logging service injury-related deaths were reported, with an additional 60 tree maintenance deaths.3 Injury causes included contact with objects and equipment like chainsaws or axes, falling from trees, and transportation incidents.
Below is more information associated with tree removal safety, including injury statistics, information on the dangers of tree removal, safety equipment involved in the process, and tree removal experts’ safe processes. If you have any other questions about tree removal safety, you can always call or ask a tree service professional in your area.

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